What's the word? Hummingbird!

Here are a couple of projects that David is currently involved in:

"It's True," music video Starring Bryanna Brown and Seth Hill COMING SOON!!!!

"It's True," music video Starring Bryanna Brown and Seth Hill COMING SOON!!!!

Undiagnosed" the first release on the project "The Treatment" is about the sequential effects of Gun Violence and how it impacts our communities and the world at large. Half of the proceeds from "Undiagnosed" will go towards supporting the Cory Johnson Program for Post-Traumatic Healing in Boston, Massachusetts to continue the work of trauma education, community building, and community healing.

Mimecast Ad featuring Amanda Crew who takes IT professionals through The Museum of Business Data, where email archiving issues have taken their toll. 

Yes, he's back on the set!

Yes, he's back on the set!


Currently, David is embarking on a musical project that you would not believe! Oooooh, it's just so dang tootin' you'll find out soon, ya hear!?

Photos to video

After a highly successful photo campaign, David was asked back to do a video project for the same company...let's see how it goes! We'll check back in a little bit!

Bernie & Phyl's Furniture Ad

Bernie & Phyl's Furniture Ad

Still going...and going...and going...

Just got a text the other day from a colleague who told me they saw the ad on channel 7 news; mind you, the local ad has been running for 4 (FOUR!) years now...gotta love it!!!



Finished shooting a short scene (I'd written & directed) as a screen test for a possible short or full-length film. The working title is called "Dragons of Kandahar." Not to give it all away; it's about a veteran dealing with PTSD...wait & see!! (now it's on to editing!)

Another Hefty campaign featuring John Cena. In the ad, Cena explains the benefits of Hefty Ultra Strong strength and savings to three infatuated women in the grocery aisle. While the women flirt with him, their unknowing husbands are left impatiently waiting at the front of the store.